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Material: Polyester / Metallic, Type: Metallic Yarn M, Twist: flake, Yarn Count: 150D-600D, Thickness: 12micron etc, Core yarn: 150D/300D/600D, Weight cone: 70g — 500grams


 gold yarn
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Product Description


1:packing: 70grams to 130 grams.

2:Composition: 150d, 120d, 75d rayon and metallic yarn.

3:Thickness: 25 , 30 , 16 , 15 , 12 * 1/100″.


1:normal packing: from 70 grams to 130 garms / cone

2:1/69″(the width of PET filament can be changed into 1/100″,1/110″ or other size based on our customers requested)*12Micron*polyester 150D (the material and Denier can be changed into Nylon or Viscose Material


1:normal packing: from 40 grams to 150 garms/cone

2:They are mainly used in garment ornament  lace , ribbon , trademark , warp knitted cloth ., colored woven cloth ,tablecloth , solid dish-brush , arts and crafts

3:Breaths: 1/127  1/110  1/100  1/92  1/85 1 69  1/50  1/32  1mm  2mm.  

4:Thickness: 25mic, 30 mic ,16mic , 15mic , 12mic


1:normal packing: from 250 grams to 500 garms/cone

(1/110″, 12 micron)supported by 68D/24F(or 75D/36F) polyester or nylon filament yarn.The yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful, lustrous color. This product can be used in sweaters, knitwears, tricots, pre-dyed textiles (wearving), embroidery, stocking, accessories, industrial subsidiary materials, etc. Able to choose from hundreds of colors(with other color available upon request)


1:normal packing: from 250 grams to 500 garms/cone

2:12mic, 1/69” M type pink metallic yarn twist with 2 x 30Dpolyester yarn

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Q1.    Can I get any discount?

 Q1. Can I get any discount?
A1:The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity. If you are buying in bulk for an occasion, We offer you wholesale price. We alsohave promotions several times a year.
Q2. Chow much are the shipping costs?
A2:Shipping cost is charged by the package’s weight and related to the shipping methods you choose and your destination.
Q3. Do you offer samples?
A3:You can buy 5pcs in first order to check the quality. then we send some other designs small cutting as samples with your order.
Q4. How many styles for my select?
A4:Many types for your choose or as per customized.
Q5. I am a designer, Can you help me to produce the sample which we designed?
A5:Many types for your choose or as per customized.
Q6. Can you make OEM or ODM service?
A6:Yes. We can accept OEM service. Also we have our own designer team. So it’s also welcome to choose our ODM products.
Q7. Tell me your company’s strength, because I want to place order to you.
A7: We cooperate with many factories for this product located in Zhejiang,Hubei, more than 1000 machines which can supply
400tons per month.Our team has a long-time experience in textiles, we have many famous clients around the world.
Q8. Do you have some special policies for Brand company?
A8:Yes, we have some special support for the company who has own brand but also in our VIP customers list. Please send us your selling data of last year, so that we could support you the products in your market 

Our Services

1.Regularly provide free and new designs for our customers.
2.Provide free samples for customers based on their actual samples or images.
3.Provide real-time order progress for customers.
4.HI-ANATextile is a professional advisor for all customers no matter we cooperate or not.
5 If you need to purchase other goods in China, we can share resources

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