December 6, 2016

Types Of Garment Accessories

Apart from the main fabric material, it is also important to choose your garment accessories wisely. This is true because additional accessories, such as zippers, laces and ribbons give your garments added beauty and style.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to adorn a business suit or any other trendy clothing, garment accessories are key when it comes to making them fashionable. Different types of accessories are available online. It depends on your need and choice which one to purchase.

If you need to purchase accessories for your garments, then you must consider various options and other considerations discussed in this article.

Types Of Garment Accessories That Are Available Online

Irrespective of your suit type, each and every garment has some visible and some invisible accessories. Depending on the garment, the interlining (sewing threads) are invisible whereas buttons and zippers are visible. Here is something more on each accessory so that you can make the right choice. You should also keep these accessories in stock at home or while touring.



Readymade garments cannot be judged solely on the basis of the quality of the fabric used. It is important to consider different accessories that are used to make it a complete dressing material. In this context, sewing threads play a key role in the durability of the garment and have a significant influence on its appearance too.

When you are willing to judge the quality of your garment, its sewing thread is the primary concern. This is purely because these textile accessories hold different pieces of cloth together to make it complete. Well, branded dresses always come with high-quality threads, but it is your choice as to how you pick dress accessories to have them in stock if required.

Types Of Sewing Threads And Yarns

Every thread has its own importance and the choice of thread must depend on the material type. Suppose you are looking for a thread to sew cotton dresses, it is recommended to purchase cotton sewing threads for them.


Laces is usually a fine open fabric of either cotton or silk and are made by twisting or looping threads in patterns, especially for trimmed garments. It is considered as openwork. Some people call it mesh or net or webbing in the garments.

To improve the beauty of your trimmed garments, accessories like laces play a key role. The holes that are seen form the lace into one of the most attractive accessories. Some of the types of lace include:

The types of laces you choose should be according to the type of garments you have. At times, it might happen that your favorite dress needs a replacement of lace because of certain reasons. What do you do then? Are you going to throw this dress away and buy another one? Obviously, not!

In fact, you have the option of purchasing laces according to your requirement from an online store. It gives you the added benefit of making your favorite dress ready for your next outing. Laces are not just use to adorn garments, they are popularly used on bed linen, table cloths, table mats, curtains and more.


A zipper is used in garments when you need to join two edges and different dress materials use zippers in different ways. Whether it is your tents, sleeping bags, luggage or jackets, you just need a high-quality zipper. This is one of the most essential elements of making trousers or other pants. Some of the types of zippers that you can find online include:


Ribbons and Tapes

Garment accessories such as ribbon and tape are primarily used for tying. Girls usually prefer to bind their hair with ribbons. These items are also used for decorative purposes in buildings and other home areas. Some of the types of ribbon include:


Some of the types of tapes include:


From the list of numerous types of ribbons and tape, you are free to choose and purchase the type that you need the most. It is always recommended to choose a product that you actually require not what you actually want.


A button is a garment accessory that is attached to one end of the garment to secure its opening and closing. It is necessary to have high-quality buttons on your shirts to avoid mishaps or embarrassment.

A button is usually a disc-shaped or knob-shaped object, often made of either hard plastic or metal. Get to know different types of buttons before purchasing:


Irrespective of the above-mentioned garment accessories, there are more that you can purchase with a single click of mouse. Some of these include:



Garment accessories need to be chosen carefully. When buying them look for quality ones that would complement the garment. Some stores understand the need of customers, and stock a complete range of accessories at the right price. This is one of the primary reasons why they have a huge clientele. So, ask around and read reviews to choose the right store and pick the right accessories.